Company History

Quality, cost-effective benefit plans

ASR Health Benefits was founded in 1984 in Grand Rapids, Michigan with a focus on helping employers establish and manage self-funded health benefit plans for their employees.  At that time, few mid-size and small employers were able to take advantage of the efficiency and savings derived from self-funding their health benefit plans.  We made a special effort to bring the opportunity to self-fund health benefits to many mid-sized and even smaller employers, as well as larger employers.

Today we provide a full range of high-quality administration services for employee health benefit plans to a wide range of employers.  Our clients now include small and large employers as well as private and public sector employers.  Nearly 125,000 people are covered under the plans we manage.

An Intense Focus on Quality Service

We have grown steadily for over 30 years as a result of our intense and unique focus on providing the highest quality service.  Each of our clients is assigned to a client service team, which includes individuals from each department of our operation who provide a specific service to our clients.  The teams include an Account Manager, Account Coordinator, Claims Supervisor, one or more Claims Analysts, and an Enrollment Specialist.  These individuals are directly responsible for meeting the needs of the clients assigned to them.

The team members approach their assignment with clear personal responsibility and accountability for providing the highest quality service.  Each client has the opportunity to evaluate and rate the members of the team assigned to service them.  The client evaluations become part of each team member’s annual performance review and ranking. 

A Commitment to Efficient, Cost Effective Plans

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff is committed to providing the most efficient and cost-effective benefit plans for our clients.  We started this approach to benefit design with self-funding, the most economical approach to funding employee benefits.  We have added a great deal to our core approach over the years, including the following:

  • Many PPO networks to match our clients’ needs
  • Physicians Care Network, with over 65,700 network providers
  • Cost-effective prescription plans
  • Technology to create more efficient and accurate payment
  • URAC-accredited utilization review and case management in all of our plans
  • Disease-management program to take a proactive approach to cost control
  • Consumer-directed health plans that encourage covered persons to be wiser consumers of health care
  • Wellness incentive plans that help reduce the demand or need for health care

Continual Improvement

While we believe experience is one of our key strengths, we are always careful not to let experience become complacency.  Year after year, we work hard to improve our capabilities and services by enhancing our technology, further developing the skills of our staff, and expanding the services that we bring to the marketplace.

To learn more about how our approach is saving time and money for companies throughout Michigan and beyond, call us or send us an e-mail today.