Machine Readable Files (MRF)

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Important Note: MRFs are not designed for use by covered members or as a consumer price-comparison tool.  Rather, these files are digital representations of in- and out-of-network rate information, in the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format (which can be read only by a computer system).  If you are unable to open the MRF, you likely do not have the required software on your computer to open a JSON file format.  Additionally, the size of the file requires a large amount of system resources to be manageable.  We recommend you work with your I.T. professionals for assistance if needed.  Most important, MRFs are meant to be read by a computer system or software application, not by users.  Members are encouraged to use ASR Healthcare Choices, ASR’s cost-estimator tool available on our Website (member portal).

Disclaimer: MRFs are not a guarantee of coverage or of the reimbursement rate that will be applied for any procedure, and they do not contain information on a member's out-of-pocket charges.  Claims processing is subject to a variety of factors, such as eligibility, medical necessity, utilization management, exclusions, and other plan terms, which are not addressed in these files.  The information in these files is accurate as of the date noted for each file and is subject to change without notice.