Below are some of the options ASR
offers to our tribal clients:
  • Sponsorship
  • Payor of Last Resort (PLR)
  • Chef Coverage Claim Submission
  • Direct Service Care
  • Medicare-Like Rates (MLR)
  • Medicare / Medicaid Prime Coordination
  • 340b Pharmacy Integration
  • On-Site Health Clinics, Tribal Clinic Integration, and Direct Care Solutions

ASR is your partner in the Michigan tribal business sector and can leverage our expertise to help sovereign nations navigate the unique rules, regulations, and savings opportunities that come with benefit administration. These services are offered along with our on-going commitment to best in-class member services and compassionate support to members seeking care.

The ASR data analytic software and Analytics Team identifies tribal claims in our standard reporting in order to show opportunity for savings with new carve-in or carve-out solutions. Additionally, monthly MLR reporting is provided at no extra charge to demonstrate overall savings for all qualified claims.

ASR is pleased to partner with Tribal First for legal guidance and Plan Document language assistance in order to ensure we are able to effectively administer health plans for the benefit of a tribe and its members.