ASR Debit Cards

The ASR debit card makes accessing FSA or HRA funds as easy for employees as using their checking account.  One debit card can provide access to one or both of these accounts.

Most merchants have what is called an inventory information approval system (IIAS) in place to ensure debit cards are used only for medical expenses that are FSA or HRA eligible.  Examples of these merchants are drug stores, pharmacies, and grocery stores.  Our card is accepted at any medical office, pharmacy, or other qualified merchant that participates in the Visa® network.

By law, merchants may choose to require either a signature debit or a PIN debit.  If a participant does not have a PIN, the merchant can run the transaction as a signature debit or require another form of payment.  To obtain a PIN, participants can call (866) 898-9795.

Payments will be processed if the cardholder has active status and adequate funds in his or her account and if the merchant is qualified.  All debit card activity can be viewed online at

To use the debit card, a covered person swipes the card to pay for eligible health or dependent care expenses.

Employers can offer both an FSA and an HRA plan to their employees, but they must follow IRS guidance on the order of payment between these two plans.  ASR can assist you with this coordination.