Medical Reimbursement Arrangement (MRA) Plans

ASR MRA plans offer employers a way to reduce premiums by purchasing a traditional high-deductible health plan while continuing to offer the benefits employees have become accustomed to.

The employer uses an MRA to fund a portion of the higher deductible for employees and, from time to time, other expenses.  Employers decide how much of the deductible to fund for the employees.  The employer funds the MRA account as claims come due.

How this concept works:

  • With an MRA, the employer purchases a self-funded health plan with an annual deductible of no less than $1,000 per person.
  • The MRA allows the employer to set the employee's actual deductible responsibility at some lower level, such as $100, $250, or $500.
  • ASR sets up an MRA account that the employer will fund as needed.
  • ASR administers the payments from the MRA so that the employer will only have to fund the account.

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