Why Choose ASR Health Benefits?

While we are based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we serve clients throughout the United States.  Our products, services, and capabilities have expanded greatly over the years, but we remain committed to the same mission we adopted more than 30 years ago:

ASR Health Benefits strives to provide a full range of high-quality administration services for employee health benefit plans.  We offer our services to both the smallest and the largest employers with equal commitment and with an intense focus on each client’s unique needs.  Our highly knowledgeable staff approaches our mission with a commitment to cost-effective plan design, quality service, efficient business practices, and the greatest integrity.

Our Business Goal and Approach...

Our goal is to provide a long-term health benefit plan solution for our clients.  In order to achieve this goal, we are committed to continual improvement and to using the best business practices.  We meet this challenge by constantly seeking talented and motivated people, producing timely and meaningful information for our clients, developing new health benefit plan concepts, and implementing the most innovative technology.

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